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About EtherZero

EtherZero is a blockchain platform, a fork of Ethereum, where some ideas and approaches of the Dash project were used, in particular – the implementation of a network based on masternodes. The current direction of the project is the use of sharding technology. Please read our White Paper to get more technical details:

The main achievement – blockchain was moved from the POW consensus to MPOSMasternode Proof of Stake. As a result, network performance is 1400+ transactions per second now, blocks are generated every second.

The project has own block explorer, different types of wallets (the web, browser plugins, mobile), the private exchange BTT, OTC-platform Bitmall, stable-coin EASH, EtherZero Masternode Management system (EMM), Shared Nodes System (SNS), the Autonomous Community Governance system, and many other tools and services.

Now, after creating the basic infrastructure, EtherZero team is focusing on attraction of new DApps, creating a partner network, increasing number of projects and variety of solutions and services.

One of the current tasks is to simplify the work with the ETZ coin for ordinary users. ETZ is listing on many new exchange, payment gateways for applications are developing, new wallets will be released soon, the first cryptomate started to work in Singapore.

The EtherZero project actively works with own marketing agency, participates at many conferences every year, constantly publishes news, conducts workshops and makes a strong contribution to the development of the crypto industry.

Smart contract development and audit

Udius information security expert

Ether Zero has entered into partnership agreements with many leading information security companies.

The company "UDIUS" is an IT-integrator conducted a detailed code audit of the Shared Nodes System (SNS) and testing on the software stand, simulating a large number of common network attacks.

Security Audit Report of EtherZero Shared Nodes System was published as a result of this project.

Thus, an expert independent confirmation was obtained that the smart contract complies with the stated business logic and has no security vulnerabilities.

Launch of the Spanish EtherZero Community site version

We are pleased to announce the next step in the site development and the Spanish version opening! The French and Indian versions are next!


3 New Trading Pairs With ETZ on EXMO & Airdrop For 45,000 ETZ

On April 11, 2019, the EXMO exchange added the EtherZero (ETZ) cryptocurrency to its listing in the pairs with BTC, ETH, USDT. Deposits/withdrawals, trades and contest for traders will be launched on April 15!


Listing ETZ on BTC-Alpha + new opportunities of work with fiat

BTC-Alpha is one of the safest and most secure crypto exchanges in the world. According to the latest ICORating agency report, BTC-Alpha is ranked 14th out of a total 221 exchanges with an “A” rating


Listing ETZ on EXMO + Active Traders Competition

EXMO cryptocurrency platform has been in the market for more than 5 years and ranks first in the line of Eastern Europe crypto exchanges. ETZ listing is planned at the exchange closer to mid-April


Partnership with Chatex – crypto chat-bots developer

Integration of ETZ in Chatex, a multicurrency crypto-wallet with a modular system of applications, that solves all the tasks to store, buy/sell/change, invest, earn and spend crypto currencies, & transfer them to other users


ETZ trades opening at the Coinsbit – today! April 2!

On April 2, platform Coinsbit will open the ETZ trades, coin of the EtherZero blockchain platform, in pairs ETZ/BTCETZ/USDETZ/ETH. The listing has already been completed, the deposit/withdrawal works


ETZ trades opening at the AlienCloud exchange – April 5, 2019

On April 5, platform AlienCloud will open the trades of ETZ, coin of the EtherZero blockchain platform, in pairs ETZ/BTC, ETZ/USD, ETZ/ETH. Deposit/withdrawal operations will be opened on April 4


Complex update of our web site, the German version creation

We are glad to announce the completion of the project to update the site and the beginning of active web promotion. Another important innovation is the German version of the site!


Partnership with Indacoin, ETZ payment gateway development

We are pleased to announce the resumption of our partnership with Indacoin, a company that provides a service to buy ETZ, in addition to more than 100 other cryptocurrencies using Visa and Mastercard bank cars



Next-Gen Smart Contract Platform

High scalability platform to serve the global users operating contract and data on the blockchain, providing excellent interactive experiences, with a strong foundation for the future

Instant Payments + 0 TX fee

Economically feasible solution, providing excellent interactive experiences based on the scalability and real-time transaction feedback of the masternode network

Infrastructure for developers

Ease transfer of any smart contracts based on Solidity – complete technological workplace and well known set of user tools for effective work with the platform, ready to use templates

Autonomous community governance system

Social structure, defect management, proposal and voting, with evolution stemming from top-level thinking, technology and economic guidance


The EtherZero network is released to achieve 0 transaction fee and anti DDOS attacks

Q1 2018

Q2 2018

Full launch of the EtherZero network with working web wallet, start of mining, release of mobile wallet EasyETZ and browser plagins GoETZ, tests of masternodes

Launch of masternodes in the main network, implementation of high transaction performance ~ 1400+ TPS, update of all types of wallets

Q3 2018

Q4 2018

Releases: own stable coin EASH platform, EtherZero Masternode Management (EMM) system, Autonomous Community Governance system, alpha version of the BDD exchange

Optimization of the masternode network, new application store in the mobile wallet EasyETZ, release of the Shared Nodes System (SNS), release of the OTC-platform Bitmall

Q1 2019

Q2 2019

Release of the EASH platform beta versions and BDD exchange, R&D in sharding and DAG technology, release mobile wallet GoETZ for Safari, ETZ payment gateway development

Full launch of the EASH platform EAST and BDD exchange, launch of the EtherZero game marketplace, release of a large number of games and DApps

Q3 2019

Q4 2019

Release of the Zero-T alpha version – the world's first gaming console based on blockchain, implementation sharding and DAG technology – increase the transaction processing speed up to 10,000+ TPS

Increasing of the network speed up to 30,000+ TPS, wide partners network creation, active work with the app stores, integration EtherZero services in many DApps and games


About site

This website was created by members of the International EtherZero Community. The purpose of the site is to provide the most detailed, relevant and accurate information about the project in two languages – English, Russian and German: news, articles, descriptions, technical documentation, video tutorials, useful links, etc. At the same time, users are solely responsible for any actions to invest, work with own assets, participate in projects and other related activities.

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