IZX (AR-games)

We are proud to announce a partnership with IZX (Izetex PTE Ltd., – company developer of open-sourced blockchain platform for AR-based mobiles applications created for business, developers, gamers, and investors all together.

IZX and EtherZero partnership

Alexey Zagainov, CEO of IZX, and Evgeny Egorov, leader of EtherZero Russian Community

IZX was established in 2017 and made good path from simple idea to complex solution gaining partners and users (70K+). In August 2018 first version of game application IZX was introduced, it contained geotext adds, loyalty campaigns and the game itself in one package.

IZX mobile application

The idea is in combining mobile gaming and customer engagement marketing.

Advertiser places tokens in AR/VR games and users try to find them using mobile geolocation with further exchange to special promos or discounts (same idea as PokemonGo but with real values and goods). It's like improved and flexible loyalty program!

You will get simple and direct understanding by uploading the app from Google Play or Apple Store:

IZX mobile application

Just try it! Next couple of screenshots show how it works:

IZX mobile application

First step as always – registration. Entering the game, you open local map and see whereabouts of the tokens IZX.

Perhaps you will find them on your way to work or in a park, shop-windows etc. This is a whole idea – to attract users’ attention to certain places or even products.

The goal must be caught from distance less than 10 meters on mobile camera. Catch it!

IZX mobile application

After goal gets caught it shows information about the product, discounts or promos, different advertisers may vary design and value of tokens, using own customer strategy.

Business logic of campaigns is being ruled by smart-contracts and flexibly adjusting accordingly to advertisers’ requirements.

You can find more details about the platform here:

And video:

IZX mobile application

Two teams together

During Russian Tech Week in Moscow 21-22th of November meeting between EtherZero and IZX teams was held.

During Russian Tech Week in Moscow 21-22th of November meeting between EtherZero and IZX teams was held

As a result – Alexey Zagainov, CEO of IZX, announced decision to migrate to EtherZero platform, since it responds fully to modern requirements such as high-speed transactions, safety and scalability.

Additional advantages are zero commissions and properly working within 4 months EtherZero Masternodes network (MPOS).

In frame of the event Evgeny Egorov, Russian EtherZero Community leader, made a speech about ETZ platform, highlighted few DAapp projects already using ETZ and described how easy to migrate from Ethereum to EtherZero. At this moment Alexey Zagainov was invited to the stage when he officially announced about IZX migration to EtherZero and explained reasons of this desicion. That was bright moment of presentation and good start for collaboration!

During Russian Tech Week in Moscow 21-22th of November meeting between EtherZero and IZX teams was held

We are hoping for fruitful cooperation between the teams and planning joint expansion to Asian markets.

Inviting you to join IZX Telegram community:

We wish you exciting gaming and huge bonuses from different companies! And more users and advertisers for IZX team!