EtherZero Network Mainnet Upgrade Announcement 2019

EtherZero Network Mainnet Upgrade Announcement 2019

EtherZero Network have celebrated its first anniversary of releasement of MPoS consensus mechanism on 3th, August, 2019. Time verified the superiority of the main network and the feasibility of MPoS. We will continue to implement the MPoS consensus mechanism.

Meanwhile, we have achieved great progress in the technical scheme for Masternode Sharding The EtherZero Network will add BLS Signature Attestations to the existing block structure to lay a solid foundation for subsequent complete Masternode Sharding. The upgrade is as follows:

New Content:

1. Add the BLS Signature Module to perform BFT signature in the Shard Chain without increasing the block size and improving security
2. Add Fork Choice Module
3. Add Attestations Module
4. Increase Validators Modules in the Sharding
5. Increase Slashing Rule in the Validators

Optimized Content:

1. Repair some existing error blocks in the current network
2. Optimize the Masternode Selection Mechanism to insure the randomness Masternode selection 
3. Adjuste the block time to reduce the problem of repeatedly producing blocks
4. Optimize the mining algorithm to speed up Masternode’s blockcing time
5. Adjust the default GasPrice to 1Gwei and reduce Power’s output speed

Attention Please:

1. The estimated upgrade time is August 19th, 2019 Beijing time
2. During the upgrade period, the network may be interrupted for several hours. Please avoid making transactions during this period
3. All exchanges will stop depositing and withdrawing in advance Before upgrade
4. The transactions issued by the Geth Wallet Node that has not been upgraded will be rolled back after upgrade

How to Upgrade:

A new version of the Geth node wallet code will be released on Github once mainnet upgrade is complete
Github address:
Please update code, compile, and restart to complete the upgrade in your own node server
If you are an Masternode, it will automatically go online to participate in blocking 1 hour after restart

EtherZero Foundation
August 16th, 2019