EtherZero Weekly News 2019.6.10–7.8

Technological progress

1. Release the v2.1.7 version to the test network, and perform stress testing and test problem repair;
2. Optimize the masternode selection mechanism, speed up the contract reading speed and reduce the block packing time;
3. Continue the research on the primary node fragmentation and continue the scheme exploration of the cross-chip communication part between the primary nodes;

Project Progress

1. On July 2nd, the Asian Blockchain Summit was held in Taipei in 2019. The ETZ was unveiled at the summit and co-sponsored the Asia Blockchain Official After Party. During the period, EtherZero Co-founder Chen Weiran and many industry leaders conducted in-depth discussion, including Zhao Changpeng, founder of Biance, and Li Qiwei, founder of Litecoin.

2. On June 15th, the blockchain conference hosted by Kardia Chain was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and EtherZero Co-founder Chen Weiran was invited to attend. At this meeting, EtherZero and a number of project parties conducted business negotiations, or will reach a cooperation.

Media Diffusion

1. On July 1st, ETZ listed on ZB, deposit and withdraw are available at 13:00 Beijing time. At 15:00, ETZ/QC and ETZ/USDT were officially opened. To this end, the EtherZero Operations team held an airdrop rewards event, wherever the posters were forwarded to the wechat zone, there was a chance to be rewarded.


Recently, the EtherZero project team hired a senior Rust development engineer to carry out the development work of the EtherZero chain performance improvement.
The ETZ project party will continue to recruit relevant developers in the blockchain. We welcome the delivery of resumes and related fans who are enthusiastic and interested in joining the blockchain. Please submit: Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo..