Chat Codex

Chat member has following rights:

1. Communicate within the Goals and Topics of this Chat (, share with members links to resources (other chats, websites and media) of EtherZero and related projects

2. Invite another member to the chat

3. Request administrator for permission to post links, advertisement, and other related information

4. Chat in Russian language (basic) in English (for non-Russian speaking guests)

The member is prohibited from:

1. Discuss topics not related to the chat

2. Flood, express emotional evaluations, argue empty, post entertainment pictures, write any other meaningless content

3. Post ads, links to other chats and sites (unless at administrators’ permission, otherwise published post to be deleted)

4. Spam, scam, publish unconfirmed news and take other actions that lead to the littering of the chat, or the introduction of other participants astray

5. Demonstrate racial, national dislike, sexual harassment, discuss politics, promote terrorism, extremism, theft, drugs and other topics incompatible with the generally accepted laws of morality and decency

6. Insult other members in any form

7. Disseminate information about the private life of a chat member that constitutes his/her personal, family, professional or trade secrets without his/her consent

8. Use nicknames with offensive content

9. Use profanity in any form, including hidden abusive language, or words with replaced letters

10. Carry out threats against any chat member, directly or indirectly exert pressure, or form a negative attitude towards something or someone

11. Publicly claim and discuss administrator actions

12. Perform any actions that may harm the software or hardware of the chat or its members

The member is obliged to:

1. Follow ALL chat rules

2. Treat other members with respect

3. Follow the instructions of the administrators

The administrator has the right:

1. Warn member with an explanation of the chat rules

2. Ban member for a certain number of days at its discretion without explanation

3. Delete member from the chat in order to comply with the rules and purposes of the chat