Chat Goals and Topics

To make chat useful and enjoyable for all members we must adhere not only the Chat Codex, but also set formal Goals and Topics of the Chat:

Chat Goals:

1. Formation of EtherZero Professional Community, growth of experience and knowledge of members

2. Providing members with relevant and accurate information about EtherZero project, news announcements

3. Formation of the Project Library – all the necessary documentation, descriptions and marketing materials

4. The exchange of views between the members on the topics of the project EtherZero

5. Discussion of projects on the ETZ platform, assistance in solving current issues and problems, marketing support

6. Help beginners to get acquainted with the information on the project, answer questions, provide the necessary professional advice, links to resources, etc.

7. Getting feedback from the Community: conducting surveys, collecting questions and suggestions to the EtherZero project team, coordinating joint efforts in various endeavors, etc.

Chat Topics:

1. First of all, this Chat is aimed at the EtherZero project and created for the Russian Community EtherZero. Related topics or topics of interest to the EtherZero project may be discussed, but all other topics should be discussed in other chats or in private communication

2. There are several other specialized chats by topics: – the official chat of the EtherZero project to communicate with ETZ fans around the world (the main language of communication is English) – all topics about the Masternodes network of EtherZero – all topics about the DApp development and smart contracts based on EtherZero platform – all topics about the ETZ mining discussion EtherZero topics and others

Please adhere to The Topics and Codex of the Chat! Thank You!