Best video tutorial

Many users like more video courses/tutorials to be trained in new tools and new functionality of different systems.

At the same time, different people can deliver information in different ways, make videos in different formats and styles. And different user groups prefer different options.

This contest is to put in open access any version of the video guide about EtherZero platform, tools and functionality. Any. In different languages. This can be a demonstration of how to work with ETZ wallets (web, browser plugins, mobile), how to work with a block browser, how to use the ETZ BI system, how to set up masternodes or invest in shared masternodes, etc. Any useful creativity for the EtherZero Community! 

Evaluation will be carried out by the likes of users, the number of views and the usefulness of the video as a whole. The reward budget is not allocated yet, but if the contest goes well and there are really good and useful video courses – the creators will be encouraged! The contest will last until the end of July.

Entries with highest rating