Audit of the Shared Masternodes smart contract

We have completed the project of the Shared Nodes System smart contract code audit, executed together with the company "Udius" and received the Security Audit Report. We have created a trustable system


EtherZero participates at Blockchain Life Asia 2019

Hurray! We're going to Singapore! EtherZero team participates at the Blockchain Life 2019 conference. Meet us on our booth G38! Join to our workshop and dinner. Let's talk about opportunities. See you soon!


EtherZero Weekly News 2019.2.11–2.24

Shortly: Geth 2.0.6 version is in testing phase, partnership with QLC, media promotions at CoinNess and Jinse Finance, Bitmall exchange works, etc


Launch of the Community Voting System as part of EMM

The community autonomous system submits proposals, the masternode votes, queries the proposal information. Now it works as part of EMM – ETZ voting


EtherZero is launching the Bitcat Trading Platform

Etherzero launched Bitcat Trading Platform today. The platform features simple one-click trading, you can go to learn about the platform rules or sign up to experience


Strategic partnership of EtherZero and QLC Chain

EtherZero and QLC Chain will conduct in-depth cooperation in technology development, community ecological construction, and development of resources


Launch of the Shared Nodes System (SNS) as part of EMM

Shared Nodes System (SNS) was launched as part of EMM service on February 10. Please read more details at the SNS Common Description article


Partnership with translation agency Crypto English

We are pleased to announce our cooperation with Crypto English, professional translation agency in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies


EtherZero Weekly News 2019.1.7–1.20

EtherZero’s first anniversary! ETZ is successfully traded at the Bithumb, EXX and DigiFinex. Masternode new version improvements and R&D. New EasyETZ version with DApps section imbedded


About EtherZero

EtherZero is a safe and scalable platform that provides reliable no-fee service, making the large-scale and complex smart contracts economically feasible and continuous, providing excellent interactive experiences based on the scalability and real-time transaction feedback of the masternode network:


Most of the current innovations in blockchain and decentralized application development are still in the experimental stage, strongly separated from each other and have not always clear scenarios.

Goal of EtherZero is to investigate the integration potential of these technologies in real-life scenarios, and to provide developers with an operating system that accommodates various technologies and is oriented to the application layer.

Too many concepts have become a major barrier for ordinary users in understanding and enjoying the dividend brought by the blockchain.

The implementation of new ETZ-based projects protects users from directly being trapped into the complex concepts by combining cognitive and technical aspects, by exporting mature and touchable products. 

Next-Gen Smart Contract Platform

High scalability platform to serve the global users operating contract and data on the blockchain, providing excellent interactive experiences, with a strong foundation for the future

Two layer network system

The significance of the two-tier network for high concurrency lies in that transaction verification and block chain accounting are divided into two steps almost asynchronously

Instant Payments + 0 TX fee

Economically feasible solution, providing excellent interactive experiences based on the scalability and real-time transaction feedback of the masternode network

Autonomous community governance system

Social structure, defect management, proposal and voting, with evolution stemming from top-level thinking, technology and economic guidance


The EtherZero network will be released to achieve 0 transaction fee and anti DDOS attacks

01 2018

02 2018

EtherZero will complete issuing EtherZero, put up the online wallet, let the Mainnet to achieve the 0 transaction fee and anti DDOS attack, mine first EtherZero block after the fork

The mobile wallet and the DApp application store will be released to promote the ecological development of the user

03 2018

Q1 2018

The Masternode will be successfully tested on Testnet

The Masternode will be successfully tested on Mainnet, realizing real time transactions and higher transaction concurrency (greater than 10000 TPS)

Q2 2018

Q4 2018

The optimized version of Masternode will be online, supporting tens of thousands of TPS

Star DAPP application competition begin and launch a long-term developer reward program to promote the development and prosperity of the developer community

Q4 2018

About site

This website was created by members of the Russian EtherZero Community. The purpose of the site is to provide the most detailed, relevant and accurate information about the project in two languages – Russian and English: news, articles, descriptions, technical documentation, video tutorials, useful links, etc. At the same time, users are solely responsible for any actions to invest, work with own assets, participate in projects and other related activities.

If this site is useful to you – please donate some ETZ to the address:



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