Términos y reglas del concurso

1. Terms and  definitions

Contest. Website functionality that allows website visitors to vote for the participants and to vote for the best works. The contest has a start and end date of publication. At the end of the contest, the contest gets the status "completed" and the results are displayed on the page. The date and end of voting may differ from the date of the contest launch.

Category. Contests are assigned categories that allow you to group contests by subject matter.
Entry. The subject of the vote. The user submits an application, which, if approved, is published in the competition and becomes a participant.

Grand Prix. The status of the participant, who is appointed by the results of voting by the jury and / or the administration of the site. A Grand Prix participant may have a lower number of votes and may not be in the top 3 winners.

ETZ. Abbreviation for EtherZero cryptocurrency and official community.

2. Voting

2.1. Voting rules

Users express their sympathies by voting for the participants of the active contest.

Voting is acceptable:

  • once per participant.

Visitors should vote in good faith and without nagging. If unfair voting is found, such votes will be removed.

In case of repeated unfair voting, the participant can be withdrawn from the contest.

2.2. Jury

In some cases, a jury of experts and persons affiliated with the EtherZero project may be formed to appoint one of the participants of the Grand Prix contest. This status does not dispute the results of the user vote and does not affect the 3 main winners.
Grand Prix status can be granted if the participant's entry is valuable to the community or deserves to be singled out from the total number of contestants.

2.3. Results and winners

At the end of the contest the list of entries (participants) is displayed in order:

  • Grand Prix Participant;
  • 3 winners with the highest number of votes;
  • The rest of the participants by the number of votes from greater to lesser value.

It is possible to sort participants by certain fields (country, content language, etc.)

2.4. Prize fund

Prizes are defined in each specific contest (see contest description).

3. Requirements to entries

1. The applications submitted should reflect the project concept. Photos should clearly show the symbolism or theme of the EtherZero project. Videos should be about ETZ or ETZ-based projects (e.g. blockchain games or conference presentations).
2. If you need the EtherZero logo and/or corporate identity to enter the competition, you can read the design guidelines and download the logo from the Identity page.
3. Photos should be no more than 1800x1800 pixels and no more than 4 MB. Allowed file types: .jpg/jpeg, .png.
4. Videos are placed on external services: Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, DailyMotion. When submitting an application you use a link to an external service.

3.1. Change of data

You can request that the data be changed in the published application form.
This may be a refinement by filled in fields or a request to replace photo or video content.

In case of request, please provide it:

  • Page link;
  • Changes that need to be made;
  • Your Telegram account for additional communication (it must coincide with the account specified when submitting the application).

The EtherZero.Pro team will review your application, but reserves the right to refuse changes.

4. Comments in contests

By leaving comments on the site, you accept the following requirements:

  • Commentaries prohibit the use of abusive language, humiliating human dignity and inciting ethnic strife;
  • Spam, as well as advertising of any goods, services, ICO/IEO, other resources, media or events not related to the ETZ context.
For more information, see paragraph 5.

5. Legal provisions

By participating in contests on this site, you voluntarily grant the EtherZero.Pro team the right to use the photos for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
In some cases the EtherZero.Pro team may use the winners' videos on the Youtube channel.

Content must be ethical and not offensive.

Any manifestation of hatred based on nationality, race, religion, sex, physical disability, sexual orientation, age or social status, as well as threats and questions of a political nature that may offend other users is strictly prohibited.

The EtherZero project unites people of different views, religions, who are full members of the community and our mississiya is the development of the community.
In case of violation, please contact the administration of the site.

5.1. Revoke entry (cancel participation)

If you would like to withdraw your participation for any reason, please contact us via the feedback form and specify the details (link to the participant and the reason for withdrawal).

6. Other provisions

The rules for participation in contests are subject to the rules and regulations of the site. When you apply for the contest, you also accept the Privacy Policy. Legal information can be found here.

These rules may be amended or changed at any time.