EtherZero is in the TOP-150 cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap

EtherZero попал в топ 150 криптовалют Coinmarketcap

We are pleased to announce that the EtherZero Community reconciled the correct parameters for the ETZ evaluation on Coinmarketcap and as a result of a comprehensive advertising campaign aimed at promoting ETZ in the global crypto community, and the ETZ listing to a number of exchanges, the price of ETZ has increased significantly.

Now ETZ is on the 132nd place in the list of crypto currencies according to the rating of CoinMarketCap.

The price of the coin rose from $ 11 cents to 25 cents.

The capitalization of the crypto asset is more than $ 40 million, daily turnover is more than $ 3 million.

The current volume of issued coins can be found here:

The Circulating Supply is about 80% of the issued coins.

The next target for the ETZ price is to raise and hold it above 40 cents – then ETZ will get into the TOP-100 cryptocurrencies in the Coinmarketcap rating.