Frequently Asked Questions

What is ETZ?
ETZ is the crypto currency of the Etherzero Blockchain platform, and at the same time the abbreviation of the coin.
What are the unique advantages of EtherZero compared to Ethereum?
What is the fork height?
What is the fork time?
What is the total supply of the fork?
How to be qualified for Masternode?
How to get ETZ?
What is Etherzero?
What is EMM?
What is SNS?
Is there also the possibility to chat?
How does the Etherzero Masternode System work?
How much can I earn with a Masternode?
What is the autonomous community?
How do I set up a Masternode?
Where can I find an overview of documentation and sources?
How to update the geth from my masternode?
Where can i find information about DAPP development on Etherzero?
Where can i find information about token issuing based on Etherzero blockchain platform?
How can i earn ETZ?