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ITLab Belov

ITLab Belov

A frequently asked question by many EtherZero prospects is: "Do you have specialists who can help su to write a smart contract or execute a complex development project (a game or a business application)?”

Another frequent question: “is it possible to execute the ICO based on EtherZero platform?”

And of course, there are such specialists, but often they are engaged in other projects or various current tasks. And ICO on EtherZero can be run, but better to have a fully functional solution for this.

Now we are pleased to announce our partnership with Belov IT Lab (website https://smartcontract.ru), specializing in the development of smart contracts since 2015, as well as providing many other related services and solutions in the blockchain area.

ITLab Belov

Deep expertise in blockchain technology and smart contracts development

Within the many projects, the company has written more than 300 smart contracts, the company's specialists are very well versed in all types of tokens, ISO and STO technologies, cybersecurity issues and integration with various business applications, payment systems, etc.

Some smart contracts can be viewed at: https://etherscan.io/address/0x915c517cb57fab7c532262cb9f109c875bed7d18

Types of smart contracts to be developed

ITLab Belov

Among the services of the company – audit of smart contracts, IT-consulting, development of chatbots, as well as a full range of services for WEB-development.

Investor Private Cabinet user interface

One of the company's solution is the Investor Private Cabinet (ICO, STO) – a full featured application for managing token sales (purchase – for the user). The system is multi-currency, multi-language, has all the standard tools for the tokens issues, conducting presales and sales campaigns, airdrops, discount and special prices, management of multi-tier referral program, accepting payments in various cryptocurrencies and fiat, etc. There is even a built-in crypto exchange.

The main function of the IPC is to simplify the management of the ICO process. For investors, the key point is trust, transparency of funds transfer and receipt of cryptocurrency. For the organizers – the opportunity not only to be limited by Ethereum, but to collect all the popular cryptocurrencies, autonomy of work, settings of discounts, prices and bonus charges and much more.


Demo version of the Private Cabinet: https://demolk.smartcontract.ru













The company also provides an interesting solution for traders – CryptoPie – a Private Cabinet of the Crypto Funds management – which makes it possible to purchase/sell crypto assets directly, form an investment portfolio, monitor profitability, analyze and generate reports:

ItLab Belov - Investor Private Cabinet user interface

Some basic features of the Private Cabinets:

ITLab Belov - Investor Private Cabinet user interface

* * *

And now the most interesting and important thing in this announcement:

The company led the development of smart contracts for Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric, but after meeting and negotiations at the Blockchain Life 2018 conference in St. Petersburg in early November 2018, they became interested in the capabilities of the EtherZero platform, namely, zero commissions and high network performance.

The cooperation agreement is that EtherZero will recommend Belov IT Lab services to its customers, and the company will explore the possibility of porting its solutions to the EtherZero platform, as well as porting projects of some customers whose projects were not so successful due to economic inefficiency or low productivity.

We hope that this cooperation will open up new opportunities for both parties and bring new projects to the EtherZero platform and, as a result, new users of ETZ.

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Read more about the company's services and solutions on the websites: