ITO.Center are experts in DApp and smart contracts development and as a part of the EtherZero ecosystem work together with the Russian EtherZero Community. UnicornGo is the first cryptogame on the EtherZero platform. ZeroDelta was a first DEX. ITO.Center runs workshops periodically for smart-cotract developers

Defence Group provides a whole range of services and products in cybersecurity including information security audits, penetration testing to the complex zeroday vulnerabilities awareness systems and corporate defence systems, development of advises and cycling improvements of solutions. Experts of Defence Group executed the code audit of the Shared Nodes System of EtherZero

IZX (Izetex PTE Ltd.) – company developer of open-sourced blockchain platform for AR-based mobiles applications created for business, developers, gamers, and investors all together. Advertiser places tokens in AR/VR games and users try to find them using mobile geolocation with further exchange to special promos or discounts (same idea as PokemonGo but with real values and goods)

Magnum is a decentralized or ‘cold’ wallet, it does not store private keys, backup user files and information about them. A cold wallet is the most reliable and secure way to work with crypto assets. The main goal of the Magnum Wallet project is to quickly add new forks (pre-tested, reliable), much earlier than they are added to other multi-currency wallets

Belov IT Lab specializes in smart contracts development (smartcontract.ru) since 2015 and provides many other related services and solutions in the blockchain area. One of the strong solution is Investor Private Cabinet. The company develops DApp games, crypto processing solutions, crypto wallets, creates private blockchains for businesses, can execute smart contracts audit by requests

Oz Forensics develops software applications for documents and photo authenticity, biometrical identification and digital fraud protection. EtherZero and Oz Forensics can develop integrated solutions aimed at improving the security and efficiency of cryptocurrency exchanges, payment services, decentralized applications (DApps), crypto games and other solutions based on the ETZ platform

We are especially pleased to present this new game project based on the EtherZero blockchain – Hit the Crypto – with brilliant graphics! Read the Fight Paper!

Iterion is a leader on the information security market for 8 years and has unique platform for penetration testing and security analysis of various infrastructures, source code analysis, social engineering, wi-fi point testing and consulting. The team consists from experts that have specialized certificates: Certified Ethical Hacker, Offensive Security Certified Professional, Offensive security Wireless Professional, etc.

NorrBits company uses advanced tools and technologies in the field of web development. Together EtherZero and NorrBits provide services for the development of smart contracts, tokens issue, ICO execution, other blockchain based projects, and the necessary functional and effective web presentation of the projects. This website was developed and supported by NorrBits