To serve the global users operating contract and data on the blockchain at the same time is undoubtedly a terrible task, so this application platform also needs to have high scalability.
Comparison ETZ - EtherZero ETH - Ethereum EOS - EOS IOTA - MIOTA
Supply 194million 97million 1Billion 2,779,530,283
Consensus PoW PoW DPOS N/A
Block Interval 10 Sec 15 Sec 1 Sec N/A
Block Size 2 MB 2 MB N/A N/A
Reply Protection Yes N/A N/A N/A
Difficulty adjustment frequency Dynamic adjustment Per-block N/A N/A
Mining Hardware GPU GPU N/A N/A
0 TX fee Yes No Yes Yes
Instant Pay Yes No No No
Master Node supported Yes No No No
Scaling (TPS) 10000+ a dozen 10000+ 500
Smart contract supported Yes Yes Yes No
Block reward 4 3 N/A N/A