International EtherZero Community

The EtherZero Community consists from all kind of members are interested at any activity and participation in the EtherZero projects – the owners of masternodes, traders, DApp developers and developers of industrial solutions, investors, business representatives, partners, etc.

Russian EtherZero Community is a local center of expertise of EtherZero, the first purpose is to support the project in Russian: translation of articles and technical documentation, publication of news and information about ETZ projects and ICO, translation of ETZ applications into Russian, etc.

The second goal of the Russian Community is marketing activity – the dissemination of information about ETZ, promotions, participation in conferences, interaction with media, conducting official accounts in the social networks, etc.

The third goal is to promote ETZ-based projects by all available means.

The fourth – the continuous formation and expansion of the professional community of EtherZero, the growth of experience and knowledge of members, the creation of an environment for effective communication and exchange of information.

The fifth – cooperation with EtherZero team, support for the project from the local Communities of our region, facilitate communication between the community members, EtherZero team and other local communities in different countries.

All project investors – mastermodes owners, ETZ holders, developers, partners – are interested in the successful implementation of plans and the ETZ value growth. We believe that steadfast intention and constant forward movement will allow us all to realize our plans together.

The work plan of the Russian EtherZero Community until the end of 2018

1. Development of EtherZero Masternode Manager (EMM), support for masternodes owners, written guidelines for masternodes management, assistance in optimizing of the masternodes network

2. Participation in the development of the Token Factory, writing of tutorials, preparation of projects and web sites templates, assistance for pilot projects (ICO, the issue of private business tokens, etc.)

3. Promotion of project activities and development of the DApp applications, written guidelines for smart contracts on Remix EtherZero

4. Participating in development of the Autonomous Community, writing guidelines, training community members in the proposals and voting

5. Participation in the creation and development of the EtherZero Community Foundation in Singapore, website development, organization and coordination of joint activities

6. Participation in several blockchain conferences until the end of 2018

7. Preparation and launch of ETZ promotion in the social networks

8. Russian website updates, deployment of a large number of technical documents and manuals, creation of educational videos on YouTube

9. Daily activities: translation of articles and news, release of White Paper v2 in Russian, assistance to projects, work with the Community