EtherZero Masternode Manager

New version of EtherZero network was launched on August 3, 2018, based on Masternodes and MPOS Mechanism.
All miners and investors who want to earn income from the work of their masternodes (MNs) have to make a Deposit for each masternode in the amount of 20 000 ETZ and perform the necessary settings. To help the MNs owners were written detailed instructions – official tutorial of masternodes setup and user guide to do it via console. According to them, all tasks of the MNs configuration and management are executed using the console.

The work of masternodes in the EtherZero network is organized in such a way that tasks for processing and verification of blocks are distributed between masternodes randomly and alternately, so that in a few days on average all masternodes will work approximately the same. In this case, if you have a weak Internet, you may have problems in synchronization with the EtherZero network – and your masternode will be idle until the full synchronization is performed. Also, if the server capacity is not enough to perform the assigned work, the task will be transferred to another masternode.

EtherZero Masternode Manager (ЕММ) – it is a web tool for easy setup and control EtherZero masternode. One of the tasks of creating a system is to make the interface as intuitive as possible for users of any technical level.

With EMM user doesn't need to setup Linux, install Putty and manually enter commands through the admin console. If you have a server – just specify its parameters. If you want to use EMM Hosting Service – just register your masternodes and EMM will perform all the settings and start the masternodes automatically!

When using EMM, it is strongly recommended to link your account to the Google Authenticator (two-factor authentication system), thereby improving the security of your data.

EMM does not require access to any private key of ETZ accounts!!! All necessary addresses, private keys, JSON-files, passwords you must create by yourself and carefully save (and no any circumstances to share it with anybody!). To manage your addresses, use the Web Wallet EtherZero, GoETZ, EasyETZ or MEW.

In case of any questions on the operation of the service or suggestions for improvement please contact or use Telegram group EMM support to discuss.

EtherZero Masternode Manager (ЕММ)

You can read below general instruction to work with EMM:


Server preparation

We recommend to use Dedicated Server or virtual servers with dedicated processors (Dedicated CPUs). You can find good offers on Many MNs owners use (but this service in practice was not effective for EtherZero masternodes). You can use any other service or your own server.

Current assessment of server requirements (one MN): 4 CPU and 8GB RAM. The faster the processor is the better, the hard drive must be SSD.

You can install multiple masternodes on a dedicated server.


Account creation in ЕММ

Open EMM by the link and click on Sign Up. Enter your email address and the desired password. You will receive a confirmation email, click on the button there to Confirm your account creation. Then EMM account will be opened immediately. Go to the Account section, enter your password in the Two-Factor Authentication block and bound Google Authenticator to your account.

Google Authenticator - EMM account

The system makes audit of user actions, which allows all users to control access to their account and check the history of changes (Account Events section).


Setting up own Server

If you want to use dedicated servers or you already have virtual servers and you don't want to use EMM to manage servers, run the Shell command with super user (root) rights to configure the environment on your server (only Linux servers are supported):

bash <(curl -s

You can use the sudo command to run the command as root:

sudo bash <(curl -s

Attention! The script configures the Firewall, so if you managed the firewall yourself, please, fix the configuration. Ports 21212-31211, 45678 must be opened for all incoming connections.

Go to the Hosts section in EMM and create a new record, enter a custom host name in the Name field, specify the server IP address and SSH port (usually 22), click the Save button. If there are no errors – the host is ready to work.

If you use DigitalOcean – select the previously configured account in the Host Provider Account field, specify the size and location of the newly created server.

After saving the record, wait for the server to be at Active status – this means that your server is ready to work.

You can use the sudo command to run the command as root


The creation of a new masternode / migrate an existing masternode in EMM

To create a new Masternode, go to the EMM Masternodes section and press Create New Masternode button – system will guide you in several steps of this process.

Firstly you have to select a server to host the new masternode. Here you can choose to either have previously configured your own server (you can also here to start it's setup) or use the EMM Hosting Service by choosing the location of the placement.

EtherZero Masternode creation

At the second step, specify a custom name for your new masternode and an ETZ address to rewards receipt.

EtherZero Masternode creation

If you already have a working masternode and want to transfer it to EMM – find $dataDir/path/nodekey file on your masternode and specify its contents in the NodeKey field of the creation form. Don't forget to stop your existing node before saving.

After saving your masternode will be synchronized with the blockchain automatically. This uses accelerated by downloading of the blockchain snapshot latest version.

ETZ - after saving your masternode will be synchronized with the blockchain automatically

When synchronization is complete, the masternode will switch to Mining status and the Masternode Data field will be filled in.

Use the value Masternode Data to transfer 20 000 ETZ according to the official MNs setup instructions (if you migrate an existing masternode this is not necessary!).


View information about work of the masternode

View information about work of the masternode - EtherZero

You can see all basic parameters in the Masternodes table. And there are working links for:

Masternode ID<masternodeID>

Reward Account<reward_address>

At the end of the line there is a button for masternode Express restart (the node stops and then starts immediately) and a button for opening the masternode parameters (all details) with stats for every masternode and function to Delete (Destroy) the masternode.

You can check Status of your masternode on the site and see your Masternode ID.

Please pay attention – it is possible to specify your e-mail address in relation to the address of the masternode, thereby allowing the developers of EtherZero to contact you and report possible incorrect operation of the masternode and get recommendations for its configuration.


ЕММ Hosting Service

EMM offers to use the masternode Hosting Service, for which powerful dedicated servers are rented.

Using this service users can create and manage their masternodes without any technical actions like server configuration, geth installation, masternode setup, etc. – masternodes will be created by the system fully automatically!

Price for EMM Hosting Service is 35 USD per month (1,15 USD per day) for one masternode. Payment must be done for the usage period in advance, or for the rest of the month.

Users have possibility to postpone the payment for five days (by reason of trip, sick, etc). But after 5 days of non payments mining for user masternodes will be stopped.
User masternodes will be deleted in case of longtime non payment and lack of communication with user.

Please contact support team about EMM Hosting Service by e-mail: or Telegram:

EMM sends alerts to users about balance status, system maintenance works, and other cases to pay attention.


ЕММ Hosting Service Payment procedure

In the Billing section you can see current Hosting Balance (days), Additional Balance (unused ETZ amount) and number of masternodes on EMM hosting. Calculation period by default is calendar month.

ЕММ Hosting Service Payment procedure - EtherZero

The system applies average exchange's rate USD/ETZ to calculate EMM Hosting price in ETZ (Current Day Price). For example, to refill the balance for 30 days user needs in: 30 days * 1,15 USD / 0,15218 =~ 226 ETZ.

Approach to use "Days" for Hosting Balance was choosen by several reasons:
1. User can pay at any currency – as crypto as fiat – but after payment user receives available "days of hosting service"
2. User can add or delete masternodes at any time of the current period (month) – but system will use available "Days" for working nodes at the moment.

The easiest way to pay for the EMM Hosting Service is a payment in ETZ using next transaction details:

To Address: 0x3e8C9209C894EcA5930Aa43276417eded62686E7

In Transaction Data user's value of Data – by this value EMM will define that current payment refer to definite user.

It's very short delay when transaction will be showed in EMM after registration in blockchain. In case of any exchange rate difference – it will remain on the Additional Balance and will be used at the next payment.

There is very useful functionality to make a payment via GoETZ wallet directly from EMM.
You have to login to GoETZ at first – after it you will see fields Days count (planned days to be paid) and Volume (if you want to pay definite ETZ amount).
Press button Pay via GoETZ – the wallet will be opened with all transaction details – you just have to check it and press Submit.

 The easiest way to pay for the EMM Hosting Service is a payment in ETZ

In the Balance transactions section you can see all Incomings (payments) and Spendings (Days Withdrawals) transactions by your account. The Account Balance is updated with every transaction.

In the Balance transactions section you can see all Incomings (payments) and Spendings (Days Withdrawals)

User can also export all transactions into MS Excel (button "Export Ledger") and check all details and summary.



In the Statistics section users can analyze the data graphically by the amount of rewards for each masternode, in total and by the average values. Aggregation periods are hour, day, week and month.

In the Statistics section users can analyze the data graphically by the amount of rewards

The second tab Balances displays information by the ETZ addresses of the masternodes rewards (it can be different for each masternode, and one address for all nodes).

Data about rewards and balances can be exported to MS Excel with the specified level of aggregation and for the specified period.


Alerting System

EMM has functionality of user notifications via Telegram about the achievement of two thresholds:

Masternode Last Block Ago – time till last block in the masternode work (hours)

Low Hosting Balance – minimum value for user Account Hosting Balance (days)

Firstly in Account section you have to bind your account with Telegram bot – run the bot, start it and send message showed in your Account Profile.

You will see the note in EMM after it: Telegram account has been bounded. You can receive notifications


Next in Alertings section setup thresholds and swith on Telegram notification:

Alerting System - ETZ

EtherZero Alerting System

The time of the last block will also be highlighted in the masternodes table if it exceeds the set threshold.

The notification on reaching the idle threshold of the masternode is sent once, about the balance threshold – every day.