How to get ETZ

Since ETZ is a hard fork of ETH, the created network has completely duplicated all addresses and balances on them. Accordingly, each ETH holder received ETZ in the ratio of 1:1.

The only distinguishing feature is that if ETH was on the addresses of exchanges that did not support hard fork (at least for the moment) and did not charge ETZ, the ETH holders will not be able to get ETZ as they do not have direct access to these addresses.

If ETH was on the addresses (wallets), to which the owners had direct private access, then there are no problems with disposal of available ETZ coins.

Therefore, in fact, the task is to separate ETH and ETZ from one address to two different addresses in two different blockchains now.

The first to do:

Transfer the entire ETH balance to another address in the Etherium network to completely prevent leakage of the private key during the transfer of ETZ to a new address and eliminate the possibility of loss of funds.

The second:

Create new address EtherZeroWallet ( and make ETZ transfer in the EtherZero network to this address from previous addresses, using the access to this ETH address.

You can also use the MyEtherWallet (MEW,