EtherZero Web Wallet User Manual

Crypto-wallet is a software that provides access to the addresses of blockchain, as well as performing a set of related operations, primarily on the transfer of coins.
The main wallets to work with ETZ are presented at the Wallets section.
At the moment there are three types of wallets – web browser wallets (ETZ Web Wallet and Magnum Wallet), browser plugins (GoETZ – for Google Chrome and Firefox) and mobile wallets (EasyETZ).
This article gives an initial description of working with the main EtherZero Web Wallet, with its main functions: creating a new ETZ address, receiving information about the address, making transfers.


Creating a new ETZ address

ETZ address is the address in the network EtherZero that stores ETZ coins, your funds. There can be as many addresses as you want to use. But each of them has access parameters – a password and a private key (or a JSON file that stores the generalized parameters of the address).

It is very important to carefully save all registration data of the new ETZ address! Make multiple copies, which will be stored on different devices (your computers, flash drives, print paper copies; choose safe storage locations that you prefer). If you lose this data – it will be equivalent to the fact that you have lost the keys of the safe-deposit box – you will never get access to your funds at this address! Be careful and accurate! Do not give this data to anyone!

Open the “New wallet” tab and enter the new password (save it!):

Save the JSON file (and never lose it!) at the next step:

The private key will be displayed (save it!):

You can print your ETZ address data – on paper (and save the printout), or in a PDF document – and save it!
Press "Save Your address" at the end of the process to create your new ETZ adress in the EtherZero network.

All basic data – address, password and private key – can also be saved in a separate text file, for example:


Review ETZ address information

Go to “View Wallet Info" – use private key or JSON file + password to open the ETZ address:

You can re-save / print the address data, copy the address and its private key, scan their QR-codes. On the right side you can see the account balance:

Go to block browser to see all transactions by the ETZ address:


ETZ transfers

Go to the “Send Ether and Tokens” tab and open the ETZ address as described above using a private key or JSON file:

In the transaction parameters form, specify the recipient's ETZ address (To Address) and the transfer amount (Amount to Send). Let the Gas Limit remain specified by default (the wallet updates it if necessary). The transfer fee is not charged at the EtherZero network, the value of this field will be ignored.

Important field – "Data" – the value specified here is primarily used in the operation of smart contracts, but also you can enter any additional information to the transaction here.

Click "Generate transaction” – the wallet will open a form with full information of the transaction for verification:

Check again all the transfer parameters and confirm – the transaction will be executed.

You will receive a Transaction Hash at the end of process that can be viewed at the EtherZero block browser:

Note 1: You will get alert in case of any errors during the transaction, the transaction will not pass.

Note 2: When withdrawing from a smart contract address, you must leave at least 0.01 ETZ in the address.

Note 3: If you enter a wrong address or incorrect Transaction Data – and the transaction is completed – it is likely that you will not be able to get the funds back! So be careful! And learn how to perform translations very carefully, having all the necessary accurate information for this.

Note 4: In some cases certain data are required for the transaction – including the Gas Limit.

Note 5: The EtherZero network works with new own parameter – Power – transaction may not be completed if the address has not enough Power for this.

Note 6: This article does not describe other ways to access blockchain addresses, such as TREZOR, Ledger, and others. But you can always find the necessary detailed descriptions on the Internet.