Latest News

New technical scheme for Masternode Sharding The EtherZero Network will add BLS Signature Attestations to the existing block structure to lay a solid foundation for subsequent complete Masternode Sharding!


We are pleased to announce the next step in the site development and the Brazilian version opening! 240 million people speak this language. It's a big market for EtherZero!


At the moment when the number of masternodes in the network broke over a thousand, the EtherZero team announces the launch of the ZeroPlan referral program to attract investors to the Coomunity


EtherZero Co-founder Chen Weiran and many industry leaders conducted in-depth discussion, including Zhao Changpeng, founder of Biance, and Li Qiwei, founder of Litecoin at the Asian Blockchain Summit in Taipei


We are pleased to announce the next step in the site development and the Indian version opening! The Portuguese (Brazilian) version is next!


In order to increase the liquidity of EtherZero, ETZ is about to list on the exchange, which is strategically invested by Bitcoin China. Implementtion of the Business intelligence (BI) system for EtherZero network


As a result of long-term work with Coinmarketcap and the advertising campaign carried out by the EtherZero International Community, ETZ is in the TOP-150 cryptocurrencies by CMC rating! (now #132)


Blockchain Life 2019 Asia conference was held in Singapore on April 23-24, many photos and video from the event, new contests for Community members, EtherZero Mother’s Day celebration Twitter campaign


By the strategy to increase the number of masternodes in the EtherZero network, a comprehensive upgrade of EMM servers was done with the cost reduction for EMM (35 USD/month) and SNS (25%) services


Old plans and big work to do all the necessary settings... But now we are happy to announce the opening of the Contests section on our website! Participate, have fun and win! :) It's good step forward for the project


We are happy to open for public review and tests our new experimental Business Intelligence system, based on QlikSense platform and EtherZero blockchain data. Hope it will be useful for every Community member!


Start the design of the fragmentation chain and use the DAG technology to perform cross-slice communication, ETZ is officially launched on the Bitmax and EXMO exchanges, cooperation with Chatex, and other news


We are pleased to announce the next step in the site development and the Spanish version opening! The French and Indian versions are next!


On April 11, 2019, the EXMO exchange added the EtherZero (ETZ) cryptocurrency to its listing in the pairs with BTC, ETH, USDT. Deposits/withdrawals, trades and contest for traders will be launched on April 15!


BTC-Alpha is one of the safest and most secure crypto exchanges in the world. According to the latest ICORating agency report, BTC-Alpha is ranked 14th out of a total 221 exchanges with an “A” rating