2018 Blockchain Without Borders Digital Expo in New York

2018 Blockchain Without Borders Digital Expo in New York

On August 30th, New York time, the highly anticipated 2018 Blockchain Without Borders Digital Exposition was held in Manhattan, New York. EtherZeo was invited by the organizer to appear at the fair.

Blockchain Without Borders is an international blockchain brand co-founded by the Sugawara Joint Spark Block Chain Incubator. It is dedicated to creating a blockchain conference of technology, business and talks for blockchain practitioners around the world. To achieve an inter-connected dialogue without borders. So far, several conferences have been successfully held in North America, and the participation of many industry elites has made the Expo a huge influence in North America.

The guests attending the Blockchain Without Borders Conference included David, founder of Galaxy Investment Partners, former Robertson Johnson of New York Stock Exchange, Katina Capital, Chief Investment Officer of Mato Capital, and Daniel Leon, Vice President of Gallup. EtherZero COO Ben and Marketing Director Ryan attended the show on behalf of EtherZero.

EtherZero is invited to participate in the 2018 Blockchain Without Borders Digital Expo in New York

EtherZero is invited to participate in the 2018 Blockchain Without Borders Digital Expo in New York

More than 100 participants participated in the conference, and the number of participants was thousands. The conference will be a multi-functional blockchain event in the form of exhibitions, forums, roadshows and entrepreneurial competitions. Dozens of media were invited to participate in the conference, and many mainstream media in China also reported on the conference.

EtherZero is a representative of the public chain project and has been favored at the exhibition. Many North American investors came to consult and exchange. Ryan, the director of EtherZero Market, introduced the highlights of the EtherZero to investors.

EtherZero is invited to participate in the 2018 Blockchain Without Borders Digital Expo in New York

Based on the current blockchain technology of borderless circulation, the EtherZero positioning is to create an international technology public chain. So in terms of team composition, EtherZero development members are from different countries.

The EtherZero main network was officially launched in January this year. Compared with the public chain in the early years, EtherZero has made great improvements in technology and solved many industry pain points.

The use of double-layer network with EtherZero greatly improves the transmission efficiency of the main network, and makes TPS reach 1400+, which solves the relatively urgent problem of the old generation public chain transaction congestion. At the same time, the mechanism of the masternode + Pos is used to ensure that the transaction can be instantly received.

The setting of 0 fee is also the reason why EtherZero is so popular. In the traditional public chain, transaction congestion is often proportional to the transaction fee. Whenever there is a transaction congestion, the transaction initiator usually needs to pay a high commission to speed up the arrival. At the time of the EtherZero online, the fee setting has been removed. Whether it is a transfer transaction on the EtherZero or a DApp development, it is a 0 fee, which saves the user money.

As the function of the masternode system just launched last month, it is the highlight of the EtherZero public chain. The setting of the masternode is an important measure based on the measurement of fairness, security and efficiency triangle relationship, which not only retains the community consensus, but also realizes its commercial value. Investors only need to have 20,000 EtherZero, while renting a low-cost server, they can enjoy stable income. Therefore, the masternode is online only one month, and more than 300 masternodes are established.

The North American market has a good policy soil and technology environment for the development of the blockchain. As early as the end of 2017, the Chicago Board of Trade has launched a bitcoin futures transaction. This year, dozens of Bitcoin ETF funds submitted to the US Securities Regulatory Commission for listing. The application, more news, said that Nasdaq will be on the line of bitcoin transactions at the end of the year.

Based on a good environment, the ETZ team will plan to increase the development of the North American market, promote the development strategy of “Technical Cooperation + Business Investment”, and strive to establish a EtherZero North American business ecosystem, which will push the global layout of EtherZero to a new height.