EtherZero and Bluebelt reached a strategic cooperation

Since the beginning of 2019, with the expansion of the industrialization of blockchain, the regulatory attitudes of Asian countries to the blockchain have gradually changed. Different regulatory policies have made the development of blockchains differ in different countries. Blockchain industry companies are also constantly adjusting and seeking new directions.

On March 22nd, the Asian blockchain tour sponsored by Huobi Korea, ChainUP and BlockNode came to an end in Seoul. The COO Ben and CMO Ryan participated in the event. The event brought together blockchain industry companies and industry leaders from China and South Korea. The one-week study tour let EtherZero team gained a lot, not only deeply understanding the differences in the development of the blockchain industry between China and South Korea, but also finalized the direction of cooperation with multiple korean industry companies.

EtherZero and the Bluebelt Exchange strategic cooperation

On the 22nd, EtherZero and the Bluebelt Exchange reached a strategic cooperation, in order to reach deep cooperation in the development of blockchain market among public relations, resource exchange and other aspects in Northeast Asia.

EtherZero and Bluebelt reached a strategic cooperation

The Bluebelt Exchange was established by a group of professional financial professionals and IT experts. Its headquarters is located in South Korea and has the characteristics of fast transaction speed and safe and stable wallet.

Signing Ceremony

Bluebelt has subsidiaries in more than ten countries including Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, and India. Bluebelt is based in the Korean market with its superior technical features and expands overseas.

EtherZero and Bluebelt reached a strategic cooperation

EtherZero CMO Ryan said that in 2019, EtherZero will focus on developing the Korean market. With the resources and popularity of Bluebelt, combined with the technical advantages of ETZ, the ETZ will launch more exchanges to improve liquidity and promote ETZ to develop pratically in Korea, including integration with retail, catering, and tourism industries to increase the visibility and economic value of ETZ.

EtherZero and Bluebelt reached a strategic cooperation

Since ETZ was born, it always has 0 transaction fee and instant payment advantages, these advantages will not only bring changes to DAPP development, but also push the experience of transfer payment to a new level.

The market law of survival of the fittest will eventually leave high-quality projects for everyone, and will also witness the rise of EtherZero.