Listing ETZ on BTC-Alpha + new opportunities of work with fiat

About BTC-Alpha exchange

ETZ listing on BTC-Alpha exchange      

BTC-Alpha is a platform for trading digital assets, providing advanced financial services for both beginners and professional traders around the world since 2015.

BTC-Alpha is one of the safest and most secure crypto exchanges in the world. The exchange developers and management pay special attention to IT Security and strive to be first in the technology area. According to the latest Exchange Security Rating, made by the leading ICORating agency, BTC-Alpha is ranked 14th out of a total 221 exchanges with an “A” rating.

ETZ listing on BTC-Alpha exchange

The platform offers a variety of currency pairs – over 100 coins and 200 pairs. Simple and clear interface, a high security degree, competitive commissions, round-the-clock user support – all this makes the BTC-Alpha crypto exchange one of the best trading venues

BTC-Alpha users can deposit and withdraw fiat funds. New strategic partner CRYPTO Exchange provides an opportunity to do it via purchasing and selling Alpha Code using convenient, affordable and simple way.

BTC-Alpha and EtherZero partnership

BTC-Alpha and EtherZero plan to list ETZ at the exchange closer to mid-April. At the moment technical settings are underway.

The exchange mainly serves clients from Europe and the CIS countries and we hope to expand the client base the same way for both BTC-Alpha and EtherZero by attracting more members to our Communities.

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