Partnership with Chatex – crypto chat-bots developer

EtherZero and Chatex partnership      

What is the crypto world today? Many are interested, some try and only a few are truly active. Such a huge drop out occurs due to the lack of trust to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technical difficulty. And since it is connected with money, users are afraid of losing control over them due to the lack of their knowledge and skills.

It is clear that cryptocurrency services should be as simple as the ordinary financial tools for transactions, exchanging or paying for goods. In turn, the spread of cryptocurrency will allow those not having yet access to start working with modern financial products. Free capital movement and new opportunities will improve the living standard, break into new markets, invest more efficiently and change the world to the better.

      EtherZero and Chatex partnership

Chatex is a multicurrency crypto-wallet, with a modular system of applications, that solves all the tasks described above and in which the user is able to store, buy, sell, change, invest, earn and spend cryptocurrencies, as well as transfer them to other users – providing a full cycle of cryptocurrency turnover.

EtherZero and Chatex partnership

The system has a convenient native interface for Chat-Bot integrated in all popular instant messengers – Telegram, Viber, Facebook, Line, Kik or KakaoTalk – use your favourite instant messenger or several at once. Thus, this solution is available for anyone with a smartphone.

EtherZero and Chatex partnership

Chatex has two main products:

Multicurrency Smart Wallet

  • Instant transactions to the address / QR code / phone number / user name
  • External transactions based on BitGo Instant technology
  • Instant purchase of cryptocurrency with Visa / MasterCard

P2P OTC Exchange

  • Bot acts as a guarantor (Escrow)
  • Easy to exchange cryptocurrencies to any local currency
  • Supports over 300 payment methods

More than 7,000 users currently are using Chatex in 114 countries. More information can be found on the website of the project Chatex and watch the video:

A little about Chatex

  • European company (Estonia) with an open shareholders ledger
  • There are all necessary licenses to operate wallets for the third parties and exchange to fiat
  • The company fully complies with the "General Data Protection Regulations"
  • Chatex's technology partners are BitGon and Sum&Substance leading digital security companies BitGon и Sum&Substance

The goal of the partnership

The Chatex and EtherZero cooperation will be that ETZ, as a coin, will be available in Chatex applications, i.e. to have all the above mentioned possibilities for storage, transfer, exchange for other cryptocurrencies and fiat, investing, etc. 

The EtherZero team is making operations with ETZ as simple as possible for users and expands the list of efficient services. For Chatex, this is an opportunity to attract new users and expand the covering area of their products.

We hope that ETZ owners will like this solution!