New functionality of the website – photo & video "Contests"

What kind of contests?

Contests is a new section on the site and new functionality. This module was created by NorrBits company, which is the developer of this site and provides its support.

You can create a variety of contests with different rules of participation and promotion. It will also be possible to integrate this functionality with the EtherZero blockchain. But at the moment – for the beginning and for training – we created two contests with photo and video content.

The first contest "Best video tutorial" is aimed at gathering video about EtherZero platform and tools functionality – then what have long been asking for many users ETZ.

The second contest "Travel with ETZ!"– this is a repeat of the autumn contest, which was a little not properly organized, but can now be done using the necessary functionality.

Both contests are planned to be held until the end of July.

How to use the functionality of the "Contests" module

The module is written in order to make it as intuitive as possible for users. Please, learn it and experiment with uploading photos and videos! Write your comments, put likes, publish your favorite photos/videos in the social networks!

All content passes the verification of administrators. The module is new, it may still need debugging, translation into different languages and some improvements. But this is another good step forward for the project! We will actively make use of Contests! :)

How to vote

The system tracks unique users of the site and tries to take into account only unique likes. Let's work with the module to perform all the necessary optimization and tuning.