Upgrade of EMM and SNS systems – reducing the cost of services

Strategy for increasing the number of masternodes in the EtherZero network

A lot of projects were executed in the previous period aimed at distribution of information about the project EtherZero, web site updates, ETZ listing to the new exchanges and integration with payment services, creating the tools of statistical analysis and entering into new partnerships with developer teams. To support this evolution in a balanced way, a technical project was executed to upgrade the EMM system servers in the Hetzner data centers from PX92 to EX62. All masternodes were moved to the new servers. It was quite a long and painstaking work, which was successfully completed.

The new set of servers will be about 10% more productive and generally cheaper to maintain, which allows to reduce the cost of masternodes hosting in EMM from 40 USD/month to 35 USD/month (1.15 USD/day), and the commission in SNS from 30% to 25%.

From May 3 to 5, update the EMM and SNS parameters was done, which entered into force at 0:00 May 6.

Notes for ЕММ users:

EMM service users do not need to perform any actions. All current masternodes work without changes. Payment for the service in May is carried out at the new rate of 35 USD/month (1.15 USD/day). There are about 30 available slots for new masternodes.

Notes for SNS users:

SNS users need to withdraw their coins from the previous smart contract (zero-sum transaction without Data to the address 0x12410016a82941dfca4c42d8e32858a882e6dffe) and send coins to a new smart contract (0xfb1c20ace3b50b5142115f67bfd30dbd2e23f665).

In the SNS user interface there are a section "Withdraw (old contract)" and other sections of investing and withdrawing ETZ with all the necessary detailed information..

SNS functionality has not changed, but the service fee is considered 25% from now. The article "Shared Masternodes System User Manual" was updated on the site.

EMM and SNS tech support

Any questions on EMM and SNS please ask in Telegram ( or by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.