How the IZX.IO project tokenizes businesses via EtherZero blockchain

How the IZX.IO project tokenizes businesses via EtherZero blockchain

IZX.IO ( ) is the young and quickly developing IT company which is developing the gamification of advertising mechanisms. Implementation of gamification into business today is a trend because it helps the companies to attract new clients and retain current customers.

The flagman product

Currently the flagman product of the company is the gaming Mobile App “IZX” available in App Store and Google Play. The essence of the game consists in catching discounts and special offers in AR (augmented reality) like Pokemons in the popular App “Pokemon Go”. MVP of the project was already tested and proved. Today the number of downloads has reached the point of 100,000. The company is actively developing the community in Telegram and other social networks.

In the short term, IZX.IO is much more than just a Mobile App. It is the full-fledged IT Platform that let develop and launch Mobile Apps in Augmented Reality (AR) and make money to the next groups:

  • App Developers. Developers earn a certain percent of profit for promotional tokens circulation in their apps.
  • IZX Token Holders. The token holders make profit by leasing their IZX ERC-20 tokens, which are used to issue AR gaming tokens, to the Platform.
  • Advertisers. Advertisers use IZX AR games to promote the product thereby increasing their profits.
  • Players. Players hunt for gaming tokens in order to exchange them for coupons, discounts and prizes.

Now your logical question should be “Where are blockchain and token model here?”

IZX popularize blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies via AR and VR games. The advertiser pays for the advertizing of its product that is placed in the games and appears thanks to the issue of gaming tokens.

The interaction on the Platform is built on the dual token model:

  • The in-game tokens (IZX Drive) created in EtherZero blockchain are issued through the smart contract. Players earn them in Augmented Reality and then exchange for a prize or a discount from the advertiser;
  • The cryptocurrency that is working on EtherZero blockchain is traded on the crypto exchanges and is used for the issue of gaming tokens “IZX Drive” (the advertiser's token);

The launch of the IZX Platform in the short term will provide a big turn of IZX Drive tokens on EtherZero blockchain. This will considerably cut down the expenses and increase the speed of in-game exchange between players and advertisers. Every business will have an opportunity to join the Platform and attract clients. For this purpose his goods or services will be transferred into the token format.

Thus, IZX mission is to tokenize usual businesses. IZX not only uses the capacity of EtherZero in its purposes, but also popularizes the blockchain among usual businesses and brings it to masses.

This December the company has launched an exclusive OFFER for businesses "Conduct the advertizing campaign in Augmented Reality for $20". Every project has a chance to launch its token in IZX.IO App and to attract qualitative crypto audience. Leave the application via the link:

How the IZX.IO project tokenizes businesses via EtherZero blockchain

Some words about IZX plans for the near future:

There are several priority tasks:
I Quarter 2019 - Active involvement of advertisers;
II Quarter 2019 - Testing and launch of IZX.IO Platform;
II Quarter 2019 - Development of new gaming Apps;
III Quarter 2019 - Expansion of geography of the Apps.

To learn more about our project, visit the website IZX.IO and subscribe for the Telegram Channel