Experimental Business Intelligence system for EtherZero blockchain

What is Business Intelligence system

Business intelligence (BI) is designation of computer methods and analytical tools to ensure the transfer of transactional information in a convenient human-readable form suitable for analytical work. BI is also a medium for mass work with such structured information. And another goal of BI is to process and interpret a large amount of data, allowing the user to quickly obtain the necessary information, focusing only on key analytical indicators.

About Qlik company и QlikSense platform

Qlik company is a market leader in visual Analytics, has a portfolio of several powerful analytical products and is a developer of a large number of industrial solutions that are used by more than 40,000 customers worldwide.

The company specializes in creating intuitive platform solutions for users for self-visualization of data, creation of managed analytical applications, built-in Analytics and report generation.

QlikSense is the system of building business intelligence, focused on any device usage, which has the ability to create an adaptive interface for different groups of users and different application purposes. A distinctive feature of Qlik products is that all data is stored and processed using In Memory technology – in RAM on the server. All data is already aggregated, recalculated and are in the data model developed for them – by this way the user spends time only on sending the request and redrawing the report in the browser – all system calculations have already been made, the ready data is taken directly from the RAM.

BI-solution creation based on EtherZero blockchain data

The data structure of the blockchain does not allow to directly build analytical reports. To do this, the data must be converted and transferred to a relational database.

In addition, the volume of blockchain data is very large. And even despite the simple structure of these data (in fact – flat transaction tables) to process online and maintain synchronization with the constant addition of blocks/transactions in the blockchain is not such an easy task. But technically it can be solved.

We open the first version of the BI-solution based on the EtherZero blockchain data for review:

Login: etherzero
Password: Etzdataview2019

The sysmet has the next Reports (tables and graphs):

Transactions – all the main fields of transactions, the ability to filter, export data, etc.

Block List – block data, quantity by time, block numbers and date/time, hashes, etc.

Block Details – to view information on a specific block you need to make a filter on it

Masternode List – data by the masternodes, including quantity by periods, quantity of processed blocks, etc.

Masternode Details – to view information on a specific masternode make a filter on it

Limitations of the current version

This reporting system only processes transaction data of the blockchain, and does not handle the transactions of smart contracts. Accordingly, there is no option to show the balances by the ETZ addresses online. You can do queries in etzscan by selected accounts. Perhaps a suitable solution will be created in QlikSense in the future.

Since this is the first version, we still need to work on it, both from the point of view of data reconciliation, and to optimize the interface, fix of errors in the reports and graphs.

We invite all ETZ users to join us in this work and give fedback/remarks/wishes (write us in Telegram or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we hope that this tool will already be useful for analytical work with the EtherZero blockchain data and will answer many questions of users in a simple and fast way. :)