Audit of the Shared Masternodes smart contract

Audit of the Shared Masternodes smart contract

Shared Nodes System (SNS)

You can read more details at the articles: Shared Masternodes System Common Description and Shared Masternodes System User Manual.

The SNS was launched on February 10, 2018 and received confirmation of successful work and recognition of users – the volume of investment were up to 400,000 ETZ (or 20 masternodes).

At the same time, initially there were plans to undergo a serious code audit. Negotiations were held with several companies specializing in the field of information security. As a result, the company "Udius" was chosen.

UDIUS company


The company "UDIUS" is an IT-integrator.

The main areas of the company activity are:
• information security
• integration of any scale IT solutions
• development of high-load applications

Most of the company's clients are from the financial and government sectors.

Audit process

Experts of the company conducted a detailed code audit and the system testing on the software stand, simulating a large number of common network attacks.

The result of this work was a conclusion with comments and recommendations for improvement. At the same time, it is worth noting that no critical vulnerabilities of the smart contract were found.

After that, the works on updating the smart contract (including update to the compiler version 0.5.0) and its re-testing and code audit were performed.

And you can read now this Security Audit Report of EtherZero Shared Nodes System.

Thus, an expert independent confirmation was obtained that the smart contract complies with the stated business logic and has no security vulnerabilities.

Shared Nodes System update on Sunday, 24 March, 2 PM (GMT0)

The EMM/SNS will be updated from old smart contract to the new one (0x12410016a82941dfca4c42d8e32858a882e6dffe) on Sunday, 24 March, 2 PM (GMT0). Before that, all SNS users have to withdraw their coins completely and deposit them again after 2 PM.

If someone does not have time to withdraw coins before this moment – you will be able to do it at any time later (the usual transaction with a zero amount to the address of the former smart contract (0xc155b5cc9b53dfca65d27e3918ed3d696948543d), but rewards from the old smart contract will no longer be carried out.

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