Launch of the Brazilian EtherZero Community site version

Launch of the Indian EtherZero Community site version

The project for the comprehensive update of the web site

The development project of the EtherZero Community site continues! And the development of the EtherZero Community in different countries continues too!

Brazil is quite far from us, and we know little about how the crypto market is developing there. But, in fact, it is very active! And there are many crypto exchanges and many blockchain projects, as well as a large number of developers and enthusiasts in this field.

Our new colleague Ivam Cesar Costa, leader of the EtherZero Brazilian Community, helped to translate main materials of the website into Portuguese (Brazilian). Many terms and definitions required training and harmonization. As before, this work was at:

  • A copy of all articles and pages in Brazilian mirror
  • Translation of all texts and user interface (in progress)
  • Drawing many pictures
  • Training of Ivam to work with Joomla CMS and joint procedures

We continue this project. Thanks to all the participants for their work and contribution to the EtherZero development! :)