Complex update of our web site, the German version creation

Обновление сайта Сообщества EtherZero, немецкая версия

The project for the comprehensive update of the web site

For a long time there was a need to update the site and perform SEO. And the three-week project is finally over! 

The news from Medium was moved to a new section "News" on the site – starting from July 2018. Many other articles and sections were also written or updated. The "Partners" section has been created. The main page was redesigned.

New section "Contests" will be opened soon. In the future, we plan to integrate it with the Etherzero blockchain and make a sold modular web solution.

Creation of the German version of the site

But the most important news in all this – the launch of the German version of the site! It will be led by Pfistl Falterhauser, leader of the EtherZero German Community.

Hope for EtherZero expansion in the European market!