Launch of the Spanish EtherZero Community site version

Запуск испанской версии сайта Сообщества EtherZero


The project for the comprehensive update of the web site

We execute the project EtherZero Community website update for more than a month already.

First, the content from Medium was moved to the News, then almost all other sections of the site were updated (there is still a need to clean up the FAQ and update Partners). And a great achievement is the German mirror opening.

Expanding the Community and the number of active participants is great! But, at the same time, the creation of each mirror consists from:

  • A copy of all articles and pages
  • Translation of all texts and user interface
  • Drawing many pictures
  • Training a new person to work with Joomla CMS and joint procedures

To do all this takes about a week of hard work and update the base pages and then a gradual retrospective translation of the remaining content on the site.

We feel a growing interest in EtherZero worldwide, and translations into local languages of basic website of the EtherZero Community give easy entrance into the ecosystem for new users.

New section Contests will be opened soon. We hope this will revive the interaction between members of the EtherZero Community from different countries!


Creation of the Spanish version of the site

And now, in fact, the current news – the launch of the Spanish version of the site! It will be led by Hector Martinez, leader of the Spanish Community EtherZero.

Thanks to all the participants of this project for their work and contribution to the EtherZero development! :)