EtherZero Weekly News 2018.7.30 -2018.8.5

EtherZero Weekly News 2018.7.30 -2018.8.5

Technological progress


The masternode get online.

Masternode address:

Etherzero masternode

New RPC address:

New browser of blocks and transactions:

Tutorials how to install Masternode – in English и in Russian.

Web wallet:


The new wallet EasyETZ officially released.

EasyETZ Application


Community proposal and voting website completed.

Project cooperation

Unicorn ,the Russian game company, in response to its cooperation with Etherzero, started the second round of propaganda on the occasion of the Etherzero’s main net getting online.

Dapp + EtherZero + UnicornGo

Community activity

On Saturday, the Ether Zero Community held a meet-up on the currency reform in Shenzhen. As the pioneer of the Shenzhen currency reform pilot zone, Zhang Yongxin, the head of the promotion of the Etherzero project, organized the meeting. The participants mainly came from public chain platforms, blockchain media, mining machine providers, Token issuers, investment funds, and traditional business owner. They has discussed on the economy, currency reform strategy, implementation path and problems faced. At this meeting, three topics get the most attention,which is projects of catering currency reform, clothing currency reform and Shenzhen foreign trade brand enterprises going to issue Token in the USA. EtherZero will unite various counterpart enterprises to set up a special working group to promote the project. After the meeting, everyone said that they have benefited a lot.

EtherZero community

EtherZero community

Media promotion

1. At 10:30 on the morning of August 3, the upgrade of the EtherZero main network was completed and officially launched. The information was reported in more than a dozen media outlets ,which caused widespread concern.

EtherZero main network was completed and officially launched

EtherZero main network was completed and officially launched

2. On the night of August 3, the EtherZero released a Masternode auction . The auction was held at the official Masternode auction telegram group - Starting at 9:00 every night, 3 Masternode quotas would be taken every day for 10 days. After the auction was released, it received strong support from the users of the EtherZero.

EtherZero Masternode auction

EtherZero Hiring

We still watch for 2 front-end developers (1 for Android and ios) and 1 for back-end development, requiring technicians with experience in developing short video apps;
EtherZero team welcomes like-minded friends to join us. We look forward to the early implementation of the application, please send your resume to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Promotion Video:



ETZ official telegram group:

Dapp group:

Masternodes group:

EtherZero official website:

Block browser:



Wallet website: