EtherZero Weekly News 2018.8.6–2018.8.12

EtherZero Weekly News 2018.8.6–2018.8.12

Technological progress


1. Assist the community to build the masternode
2. The masternode search tool development is completed:
3. Blockchain browser to increase the masternode block produce and revenue search, search method:
Open the masternode search tool and enter the account that you have sent 20,000 etz;
Copy the masternode ID;
Open the block browser and enter the masternode ID in the upper right corner of the input box to search.


1. Android EasyETZ: repair some models failed to install, flashback bugs; increase the abnormal reporting function; optimize the transaction history backtracking logic of the mobile wallet.
2. Plug-in wallet GoETZ: increase Power display.
3. Online wallet: increase the custom GasPrice function.


1. The community self-government contract is officially released.

2.Community autonomy proposal management system is released 

Project cooperation

This week, the founders of Sunshine Fund and Spark Digital Bank visited EtherZero to discuss business cooperation. The Sunshine Fund mainly promotes the blockchain projects in Australia and New Zealand to China. It hopes to strengthen community cooperation with EtherZero to form a community alliance, attacking air coins and pyramid selling currency, and incubating high-quality blockchain projects.

Xinghuo Digital Bank is a transformation from the traditional financial industry. It wants to establish a digital currency management DApp based on the EtherZero chain, allowing users to manage their money through digital currency. The digital bank DApp is expected to become an integral part of the EtherZero-chain ecosystem and serve the community.

Etherzero team

Community activity

This week, the core members of the EtherZero Singapore community visited EtherZero. The two sides had a two-day discussion. The main contents were: in-depth study of the MPoS mechanism, exploring how to accelerate the development of communities in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and exploring how to connect more enterprises to benefit from EtherZero. The platform is transforming into a blockchain industry. Everyone said that the visit has benefited a lot and is of great significance, laying a solid foundation for the next development of the Singapore community.

Etherzero team

Media activity

1. On August 10th, ETZ’s mining game [Zero Mine Area] was officially launched, and conducted a internal test that won’t delete record history. Within two days, the game has attracted more than 10,000 people to sign up for the experience and earned EtherZero..

Zero Mine Area

Zero Mine Area

2. The EtherZero Masternode Auction is still continuing. The auction was held at the official masternode auction telegraph group Starting at GMT 13:00–14:00, 3 masternode quotas were taken every day for 10 days.

Аукцион мастернод EtherZero

3. The EtherZero App Wallet EasyETZ is the world’s first blockchain application to store currency. Users can download the EtherZero new wallet directly from Biyong Bao:



We need 2 front-end developments (one for Android and ios) and one for back-end development. We require technicians with experience in developing short video apps.

ETZ team welcomes like-minded friends to join us. We look forward to the early implementation of the application, please send your resume to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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