EtherZero Weekly News 2018.8.12 -2018.8.19

EtherZero Weekly News 2018.8.12 -2018.8.19

Technical process


1. Masternode construction, optimization, upgrade, maintenance, etc. (continuously in progress)
2. The block browser increases the query of the Masternode’s block and revenue statistics (already completed)
3. Troubleshoot of some Masternode revenue anomalies


1. Update GoETZ1.1.5 to fix power layout and power accuracy issues.
2. Update EasyETZ IOS 1.0.1 version Support MSM and SQB tokens
3. Fix the problem that the EasyETZ flashes back on some Android devices


Preparation of the official website revision (in progress).

Project cooperation

This week, EherZero held a theme conference on the blockchain transformation of the apparel industry. The participants included the chairman of an apparel e-commerce corporation, the Internet scene designer, and the head of the financial enterprise. The meeting held a positive and lively discussion on the top-level design, operational model and community development of the project. With EtherZero as the public chain , the Masternode system has just been launched, which can provide more technical support for the industrial blockchain. This meeting has achieved initial results on how to unite various forces and how to issue Token.

EtherZero team

Community activity

This week, the community headquarters held a video conference with the Russian community. The two sides mainly discussed the construction and maintenance of the Masternode and the work arrangement after the new main net got online.

As an outstanding representative of the Ether Zero overseas community, the Russian community will continue to play its important role in the future. The next stage will guide more and more high-quality projects to the development of the EtherZero platform, and jointly strengthen the EtherZero ecosystem.

EtherZero Russian community 

Media diffusion

During the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the small game airdrop activity was carried out by EtherZero. The activity spread quickly , attracting a large number of new users to pay attention to EtherZero, and adding a large number of EasyETZ wallet users.


The recruitment

We still watch for 2 front-end developers (1 for Android and ios) and 1 for back-end development, requiring technicians with experience in developing short video apps.
EtherZero team welcomes like-minded friends to join us. We look forward to the early implementation of the application, please send your resume to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.