EtherZero Weekly News 2018.8.20 -2018.8.26

EtherZero Weekly News 2018.8.20 -2018.8.26

Technical process


1. Masternode construction, optimization, upgrade, maintenance, etc. (continuously in progress)
2. The masternode adds an abnormal subscription function
3. Exploration and research on fast synchronization and disk space recovery scheme for masternode


EasyETZ Android version adds version checking update function.


  1. Block Browser Acquisition Optimization to prevent collection anomalies caused by temporary forks
  2. Decentralized task distribution platform development research based on Etherzero

Project cooperation

This week, Shenzhen Lianda Block Co., Ltd. and EXX Exchange visited EtherZero. The product of Shenzhen Lianda is CSGS, a decentralized e-commerce platform.The users vote to decide which products to put on, and the comments are distributed and the whole process is anti-counterfeiting. In view of the high cost of Ethereum and the low status of TPS, they hope to cooperate with EtherZero. Mr. Li, the head of the EXX Exchange project department, introduced the latest currency policy and rules, and hopes that the EtherZero and its projects on the chain will cooperate with them. Mr. Zhang, the commercial director of EtherZero, said that he would like to strengthen understanding and win-win cooperation.

Cooperation between EXX Exchange and EtherZero

Community activity

This week, the EtherZero Quanzhou Community Office was built, and it is located in the literary and art container park. Since ancient times, Quanzhou has been an economic center in Fujian Province, with numerous physical industries. The Quanzhou community will also play an important role in bringing more users to the EtherZero in the Minnan region and assisting a group of entities to transform into the blockchain industry.


Media diffusion

As the number of masternodes increasing, many of the masternode holders spontaneously act as EtherZero operators and make the community active. The number and quality of the EtherZero communities has steadily increased.

The prizes for the Ethereum Festival have been fully distributed, with a winning rate of 10% and a total of hundreds of prizes.

Etherzero hiring

Recruitment continues.
We still watch for 2 front-end developers (1 for Android and ios) and 1 for back-end development, requiring technicians with experience in developing short video apps;
EtherZero team welcomes like-minded friends to join us. We look forward to the early implementation of the application, please send your resume to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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