EtherZero Weekly News 2018.9.10–2018.9.16

EtherZero Weekly News 2018.9.10–2018.9.16

Technological process


Optimize the development of block time algorithm function and local test.


ETZ2.0 new official website based on Masternode+Pos improved consensus mechanism
Designing the implementation of the decentralized application market on the Web and mobile, and related smart contract logic
Budget display related to community governance, proposal life cycle management, and design of the function of the main node polling station.

Project cooperation

Last week, the distillation of the digifinex exchange opened the USDT trading pair, which brought a more convenient and more diverse choice for user transactions.

Last week, the ABC token was added to the easyETZ wallet. This is a project initiated by the Indonesian team. The project side values the zero transaction cost and the technical characteristics of the instant arrival. It plans to apply the ABC token to multiple industries, including mini-markets, taxis, telecommunications and restaurants. First based on Indonesia and then to the Southeast Asian market. (The wallet user needs to update to the latest version to display the ABC token)

Community activity

EtherZero has set up a new operation center in Shenzhen CBD, which is responsible for the operation of the ETZ global market.


Community activity


Last week, the number of new masternodes added by EtherZero is 45, and the existing masternodes are 327.


After the Russian blockchain week in May, EtherZero will once again appear in Russia to participate in the 2018 Russian Science and Technology Week.
The conference will open on November 20th, when the ETZ team will go to Moscow to participate in the exhibition and roadshow with Russian community partners. For more information, please visit the official website of the conference:

Media Diffusion

Last week, the teacher’s day activities carried out by EtherZero were actively participated by fans. The event received hundreds of wonderful messages, and the government issued thousands of ETZs as rewards after the event.



Last week, a senior operator joined ETZ team and was responsible for the operation and promotion of products under the EtherZero.

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