EtherZero Weekly News 2018.9.17–2018.9.23

EtherZero Weekly News 2018.9.17–2018.9.23

Technological progress


Continue to adjust the masternode outbound algorithm, local function development and functional testing.

The default synchronization mode of the masternode is changed to the fast synchronization mode, which greatly reduces the synchronization time of the masternode and saves a lot of disk space of the new node.

Project cooperation

Unicorngo, a game developer in Eastern Europe, is based on the unicorn sports game developed by EtherZero. It will be launched into the Chinese market and will be available for download through official channels.

Unicorn Go ETZ game

Community activity


Last week, the number of new masternodes added by EtherZero is 27, and the existing masternodes are 354.


The 2018 Cryptogames Conference will be held on October 17th in Minsk, Belarus, for two days. At that time, Evgeny, the head of the Russian community, will attend the exhibition, the round table and give a keynote speech on behalf of EtherZero. During the conference, developers from all over the world will gather in Minsk to discuss the combination of games and blockchain. EtherZero is expected to attract more developers to deploy DApp on the platform through this conference, so that the number of platform users can grow rapidly.

For details, please visit the official website of the conference:

Media Diffusion

Last week, the Mid-Autumn Festival’s moon cake event, which was carried out by the EtherZero, attracted thousands of people to participate. EtherZero event sent fans dozens of branded moon cakes and thousands of ETZ coins.

Mooncake ETZ game

EtherZero Recruitment

Recently, the ETZ team hired an Android senior development engineer to be responsible for the improvement and optimization of the wallet app. In addition, one game UI was hired to be responsible for the visual design and beautification of the game products under the EtherZero environment.

Recruitment needs: The recruitment of EtherZero team is still in progress, and will continue to recruit one Android developer and two IOS developers.

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