EtherZero Weekly News 2018.9.24–2018.10.7

ETHERZERO, 24 сентября – 7 октября

Technological progress


Continue to develop the block weight selection algorithm in the masternode round, and adjust the outbound block mode.

Start designing the masternode upgrade plan and conduct internal testing.


Support traditional chinese mnemonic words.


Recently, a number of overseas community leaders and foreign fans received ETZ commemorative shirts sent by the EtherZero team, and they took photos and showed them. In the future, they will contribute to the development of EtherZero’s global development, and overseas expansion will be just around the corner. The recent good development momentum of EtherZero is closely related to everyone’s support. Let us take a look at these “most lovely people”.

Etherzero contest winners

Community activity

This week, the first proposal for the adoption of the ETZ community was born. The Russian community applied for the “Russian Technology Week” held in Moscow in November, and the 40,000 ETZ awards have been issued. Everyone is welcome to continue to actively participate in community autonomy and contribute to the development of the EtherZero ecological growth.

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Media diffusion

Recently, the ETZ has risen against the market, with a high of 0.3 US dollars, an increase of 24%. ETZ started its upswing in early September. In the past month, it rose from a low of $0.073 to a high of $0.3, a monthly increase of 400%, and the highest daily trading volume exceeded $4.5 million. This wave of unique market has triggered many media reports, including the currency, the blockchain, the pivot news, the Mavericks intelligence, and more than a dozen media including LoMostar at home and abroad.





Currently the team is recruiting a game front-end development, requires proficient cocos2d, familiar with Android and ios, more than 3 years of experience.

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