EtherZero Weekly News 2018.10.22–2018.11.04

EtherZero Weekly News 2018.10.22–2018.11.04

Technological progress


1. Adjust the MPOS consensus algorithm and test it locally
2. Start rewriting the mining algorithm and adapt to the new MPOS consensus algorithm


1. Rewrite the mobile wallet transaction record realization function
2. Optimize the transaction record database query
3, web.js upgrade
4. Android wallet APP low version adaptation and testing, adapted to android 5.1, 5.0 (in progress)

Block browser

1. Reduce the acquisition delay
2. Improve operational stability
3. Enhance the wealth list (in progress)


R&D is based on the stable currency of EtherZero (in progress)
Assist the community to optimize and migrate the masternode server and improve the revenue of the masternode.


Last week, EtherZero opened the Halloween Red Packet and Candy Box campaign at DigiFinex, where users can redeem by entering a password or lock the box to get a reward:

Digifinex and EtherZero

Community Activity


The St. Petersburg blockchain summit will open on the 7th of this month. The Russian community will represent the EtherZero team to participate in exhibitions, roundtables, etc. For more information, please visit the official website of the conference:

This week, Mr. Li Zhaohai, the official trading center of EtherZero, organized an EtherZero Community Conference in Fuzhou, where he focused on blockchain technology, and EtherZero marketing.


To start the “flash mob” activity with EtherZero, the fans and the small items with the EtherZero LOGO will take photos and send them to the event email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they will get the ETZ reward.

EtherZero Flash Mob

Media Diffusion

The World of the Coin has reported on the Ottawa Halloween event.

The World of the Coin has reported on the Ottawa Halloween event

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