EtherZero Weekly News 2019.1.7–1.20

EtherZero Weekly News 2019.1.7–1.20

Project EtherZero turned one! Happy birthday! :)

Project EtherZero turned one! Happy birthday!

Masternode (new version of R&D)

1. Continue to conduct online node testing to improve the network suspension caused by heavy blocks
2. Continue to hard fork code writing
3. Modify some bugs

Online Geth Wallet Node

Records the transfer of funds within the contract via the “transfer” function by tracking the instructions when the virtual machine executes the contract code and adding it to the transaction receipt.

Block browser

Increase the collection and display of internal transfer records of contracts (in progress).

Mobile wallet EasyETZ

1. Add RPC nodes in multiple regions and increase the functionality of custom RPC nodes
2. Wallet supports DAPP function after online bug handling


1. ETZ launched the world’s largest exchange, South Korea’s exchange Bihumb, with a trading volume of more than 400 million ETZs on the first day.

EtherZero and Bithumb

2. ETZ is carried out in conjunction with the DigiFinex exchange: deposit trading equals one million ETZ activities!

EtherZero and DigiFinex

3. EtherZero joint Digifinex to conduct trading locks airdrop campaign.

4. The ETZ Foundation and the ETC International Community have reached a strategic partnership, and the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in technology and community culture.

5. EtherZero’s first anniversary event held in the official community, Telegram, Twitter, Weibo.

Project promotion

The first anniversary of the EtherZero, with a commemorative event, was reported actively.

EtherZero and Bithumb promo

EtherZero and Bithumb promo

EtherZero and Bithumb promo

EtherZero and DigiFinex promo