EtherZero Weekly News 2019.2.11–2.24

EtherZero Weekly News 2019.2.11–2.24

Technological progress

The EtherZero node Geth 2.0.6 version has entered the online testing phase and is expected to be released next week. The 2.0.6 version upgrade contents are as follows:

  • The MPOS consensus layer increases the block mirroring. The node can backtrack the block in the current cycle to optimize the problem that the same block height will be dug by multiple masternodes at the same time, and facilitate the node maintenance personnel to track and view the area. Block information
  • When improving block synchronization, the connection node is easy to lose
  • Optimize the code of the Masternode mining part to reduce energy consumption
  • Fixed some known bugs


Project development

EtherZero QLC Chain

1. On February 15, EtherZero and QLC Chain (QLC) formally entered into a strategic partnership. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in technology development, community ecological construction, and development of resources. We believe that we can establish a cooperative and friendship with our peers, and draw on the experience and advantages of both parties to develop together, to better stand in the industry, develop the market and achieve a win-win situation. published news about this partnership:

ETZ on

2. On February 16th, EtherZero launched the Bitmall exchange, which features simple OTC trading, one-click trading, users can go to understand the platform rules, or register the experience.

ETZ on Bitmall exchange

3. On February 24th, the EtherZero masternode reached 808, a record high.


Media Diffusion

The Jinse Finance and other media published posts about EtherZero and business cooperation:

The Jinse Finance and other media published posts about EtherZero and business cooperation

The Jinse Finance and other media published posts about EtherZero and business cooperation



The EtherZero team is recruiting a Korean marketing manager, mainly responsible for the Korean market, promotion and operation translation of related websites, 1–3 years of Korean work experience, and work experience related to blockchain is preferred.

Resume delivery: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.