EtherZero Weekly News 2019.3.11–3.24

Technological progress

1. Repair the bug that multiple masternodes to repeat the same block when mining, and other masternodes verify errors, causing the main network to slow down and stop outputing block.

2. Fixed the problem that in the full-node synchronization mode, the data compression time is too long after restarting the Geth wallet.

3. Start the masternode segmentation study.

Project development

On March 18th, EtherZero Vice President Ben and Marketing Director Ryan conducted a one-week trip to the Korean blockchain, representing EtherZero and had close business contacts with many Korean head exchanges and community organizations. This trip promoted the further development of EtherZero in the Korean market, and formulated a package of Korean promotion activities, which is a significant improvement for the development of EtherZero in Southeast Asia.

EtherZero Vice President Ben and Marketing Director Ryan conducted a one-week trip to the Korean blockchain

2. Based on the EtherZero farm game “Friends Farm”, the proposal for the promotion of the market for community funding has been approved. All the funds will be used for online promotion, which will attract many new users for EtherZero ecology.

EtherZero farm game Friends Farm

3. The new game “EtherZero Planet” is in the internal testing stage, welcome users to participate in the internal test.

New game EtherZero Planet

Media Diffusion

The “China Blockchain Contributors Annual Summit” will be held in Chongqing on the 28th of this month. With EtherZero as the co-organizer of this conference, the exhibition will be held in the main exhibition area, and the project co-founder will deliver a keynote speech. For details, please pay attention to the official website of the conference:

China Blockchain Contributors Annual Summit


This month, the EtherZero team hired a senior Korean operater and was fully responsible for the market development, community operations, Korean translation and resource exchange of EtherZero in Korea.