EtherZero Weekly News 2019.4.1 – 4.21

Technological progress

1. Optimize the development and debugging tools. Use the roolback blockHeight in the geoth startup command to roll back to the specified block.

2. Optimize the state management of the masternode to make the online state of the masternode more stable.

3. Continue the research on the masternode fragmentation, and complete the module design of the recharge, chain management, committee management and punishment mechanism of the masternode chain.

4. Start the specification design of the fragmentation chain and use the mechanism of the message DAG to perform cross-slice communication

Project development

1. On April 18th at 1:00 am GMT, ETZ officially launched the Bitmax exchange, and officially opened the ETZ/USDT and ETZ/BTC transaction pairs on April 19th at 13:00 pm GMT. The online trading volume of 24 hours is 20 million ETZ.

ETZ officially launched the Bitmax exchange

ETZ officially launched the Bitmax exchange

2. On April 15, ETZ listed on the largest exchange in Eastern Europe, EXMO, and opened three trading pairs: ETZ/BTC, ETZ/ETH and ETZ/USDT. With more than 1.5 million registered members, EXMO will attract more Eastern European users to ETZ.

ETZ listed on the largest exchange in Eastern Europe, EXMO

3. On April 5th, EtherZero and the European encryption wallet Chatex reached a cooperation relationship. Chatex is a multi-currency encryption wallet with a local chat interface, and its chat function integrates with all popular instant messaging  – Telegram, Viber, Facebook, Line, Kik or KakaoTalk. Users can choose one or several communication tools to chat at the same time. The amazing power of Chatex will bring considerable user increase to EtherZero users.

ETZ will be listed at the Chatex, multi-currency encryption wallet

Media Diffusion

1. The EtherZero Global Development Plan is steadily processing. In order to better serve the users of all countries, the global community station ( has been successfully launched. It is now available in English, Russian, German and Spanish. There will be more languages version ​​ coming out in the future.

The EtherZero Global Development Plan - new Community web site

2. On April 18th, ETZ launched a new activity in Airdrop GAZUA, a well-known digital currency airdrop website in South Korea. The original 10-days airdrop was finished successfully in only one day.

ETZ launched a new activity in Airdrop GAZUA

3. EtherZero will participate in the blockchain conference held in Singapore on the 23rd to 24th of this month. At that time, the multinational community leaders and the EtherZero team members will gather in Singapore to help ETZ to further develop in Southeast Asia. More conference content, you can refer the official website of the conference:

EtherZero will participates in the blockchain conference in Singapore

DApps developer recruitment

Responsible for DApps development, familiar with the use of solidity to write smart contracts, proficient in ​​at least two Java, C++, Go, Node.js, Python and other mainstream blockchain system development languages.