EtherZero Weekly News 2019.4.22 – 5.12

Technological progress

1. Fix the block error when the node is fully synchronized

2. Start designing the Masternode Shard Staking contract

3. Continue the masternode segmentation network layer code prototype, and refer to the Ethereum Beacon Chain design specification for code implementation.

Project development

1. On April 23-24, the “Blockchain Life 2019 Asia” conference was held in Singapore. EtherZero team was unveiled at the show, William Chia, Chairman of the EtherZero Community Foundation, and Evgeny Egorov, Russian Community representative, Vryan Vukich, USA Community representative, and Alex, Shenzhen Comminty representative, attended the exhibition.

At the meeting, Evgeny Egorov accepted a US media interview and interacted with EXMO, the largest trading platform in Eastern Europe, to further advance the influence of ETZ in the US and Eastern Europe.

At the end the Blockchain Life conference organizers took an interview with Bryan and Evgeny about the EtherZero project and plans of development.

EtherZero team received the Certificate of the Blockchain Life Best Partner and many words of gratitude:

Media Diffusion

The EtherZero Global Community station carries out the “Best Tutorial” and “Join the ETZ, Go Global” campaign, where users can take homemade and ETZ-related tutorials and take photos with small objects with an EtherZero LOGO, according to the website.

Etherzero contests requires submission, that is, you have the opportunity to get an ETZ reward, and you are welcome to participate.

2. To celebrate Mother’s Day, EtherZero’s official overseas Twitter launched an activity to focus on retweeting ETZ. The EtherZero Community WeChat public account also launched a special award for Mother’s Day. In addition, ETZ will also launch the bitcointalk forum rewards event overseas, please stay tuned.

DApps developer recruitment

Responsible for DAPP development, familiar with the use of solidity to write smart contracts, proficient in Java, C++, Go, Node.js, Python and other mainstream blockchain system development languages ​​at least two.