EtherZero ZeroPlan Release: Complex node world, one is enough

At the moment when the number of masternodes in the network broke over a thousand, the EtherZero team announces the launch of the ZeroPlan referral program to attract investors to the Coomunity

On July 15th, 2019, the number of EtherZero masternode officially broke through 1000, and the number of locked coins reached 20 million, accounting for 10% of the circulation. At this point, the upgrade from the EtherZero network consensus mechanism for nearly a year. During the year, EtherZero was upgraded from the original POW mechanism to the unique MPOS mechanism. The masternodes from 0 to 1 to 100, and today to 1000, experience prove the feasibility of MPOS. The consensus mechanism makes the EtherZero main network more decentralized, more stable, fair and efficient..

At the time when the masternode broke through a thousand, EtherZero announced the ZeroPlan. As part of the consensus building, what kind of charm does the ZeroPlan have?

What is ZeroPlan?

With the prevalence of the POS mechanism, the nodes are increasingly sought after by the industry, and the economic benefits of the nodes have driven a large number of users to participate, and a new industrial chain has gradually formed. EtherZero saw the industry trend very early. After thorough preparation, the masternode system was released in August 2018. After the release, it was enthusiastically received by the industry and the active participation of users. In the past year, we have harvested Thousands of masternodes, these nodes share the block rewards of about 9.45 million ETZs, nodes are constantly increasing, and rewards are continuing.

However, EtherZero node building is a knowledge, which involves server deployment and code writing, which makes many users stop. In the complex node world, one is enough, the ZeroPlan is launched in a strong way, completely removing the worries. ZeroPlan supports wallet one-click to build masternode, let the complex node world, one button on GO.

In addition to the one-click masternode, the ZeroPlan also designed multiple rewards, which are intended to stimulate the enthusiasm of users, to build a stronger community consensus, and to lay a stronger foundation for the global strategy of EtherZero.

ZeroPlan multiple rewards

In order to better implement the node, the zero plan sets multiple rewards to motivate users.

The first reward: ordinary node reward. Hosting a node in the ZeroPlan, you can enjoy the daily rewards of the EtherZero-main network. The total annual reward is about 9.45 million ETZ, and the reward is divided equally by the number of real-time nodes.

The second reward: no matter whether the user has host a node or not, just invite a host node to get 10% of the node’s daily ETZ reward.

Third reward: Supernode reward. After the user joins the ZeroPlan, five or more users are invited to host the masternode, and they can enjoy 20% of the ETZ rewards of these users every day.

The fourth reward: the global node reward. The community sponsor can apply to the EtherZero official application as the certification community. When the number of nodes in the community reaches 100, the community sponsor can enjoy 10% of the ETZ rewards of all nodes in the community every day.

How to join the ZeroPlan?

The EtherZero Zero Plan is now included in the Wallet Ecology. To participate in the ZeroPlan, you need to go to the official website to download the EtherZero Wallet, download address

ZeroPlan is an invitation code system. Users need to be invited to enter the program.

ZeroPlan node hosting conditions: lock 20,000 ETZ + server hosting fees, the preemptive cost is the equivalent of 300 yuan RMB, and then will return to the equivalent of 500 yuan of the ETZ with the price fluctuations of EtherZero, users will worry The hosting fee is too high. In this regard, we set the server hosting fee limit to 600 ETZs to further save costs for users.