Developing of specialized websites with a professional web developer NorrBits

NorrBits ( provides development services for ICO, cryptocurrencies and blockchain-focused projects. It applies up-to-date tools and technologies and has huge experience in websites’ templates creating (WordPress, Joomla).

EtherZero team along with NorrBits are ready to create a web-solution for ETZ-based ICOs launching, as well as any other crypto and wev-development projects.

A lot of potential ICO owners want to have box-solution – website with all required modes, documentation, client area, payments and transactions windows etc.

At the same time teams of such projects must pay main attention to projects by themselves, not spending time for website maintenance and running.

Together with EtherZero Community developers, who will take care about ICO and smart-contracts part, NorrBits will produce web-interface of the site and guarantee its functionality.

NorrBits and services provided: