EtherZero Weekly News 2019.5.13–6.9

EtherZero Weekly News 2019.5.13–6.9


Technological progress

1. Fix the problem of full synchronization failure
2. Submit the internal test version of tmp_v2.1.5 into the internal testing phase
3. Increase the mining delay time in the consensus and reduce the probability of produce the same block in the network
4. Study the application of the verifiable delay function in the EtherZero network, mainly the election part of the masternodes
5. In-depth study and exploration of the technical specifications of the master node fragmentation implementation.

Project Progress

In order to increase the liquidity of EtherZero, ETZ is about to list on the zg.com exchange, which is strategically invested by Bitcoin China.

EtherZero participated at the Wuhan Digital Economy Industry Application Summit Forum 2019
EtherZero participated at the Wuhan Digital Economy Industry Application Summit Forum 2019

On June 6th, EtherZero was invited to participate in the 2019 Wuhan Digital Economy Industry Application Summit Forum. EtherZero COO, Mr.Ben, and its co-founder Chen Weiran attended the meeting and gave a speech at the forum.

On May 27th, ETZ opened 8 consecutive gains on the digifinex exchange, rising from 0.1 US dollars to a high of 0.28 US dollars, an increase of 280%.

Media Diffusion

In late May, EtherZero joined forces with AIRDROP GAZUA, a well-known airdrop telegram community in South Korea, to conduct essay writing activities in South Korea. The user participation was enthusiastic and received a lot of good articles. The event enhanced the awareness of Korean users about the EtherZero.

EtherZero joined forces with AIRDROP GAZUA

EtherZero and VT reached a cooperation intention. On the occasion of VT list on exchange, the VT project party launched a directed airdrop among the EtherZero community users. The registered users were all able to obtain VT airdrops. The airdrop activities have all been completed and all rewards has been released.

In order to let users better understand EtherZero, TODO Block and EtherZero jointly launched a 2-minute promotional video, which will be released soon.

EtherZero team plan to host an overseas social media awards event at the Bitcointalk Forum on June 10th. Users can participate in SNS activities such as facebook and twitter and get a corresponding percentage of the EtherZero rewards. More details: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5150980.msg51426553#msg51426553

Etherzero Bitcointalk Bounty

EtherZero Public Chain BI (Business Intelligence System)

The Russian team led by Evgeny, the head of the EtherZero Russian community, created the EtherZero Public Chain BI (Business Intelligence System). Business intelligence (BI) is a designation of computer methods and analytical tools to ensure the transfer of transactional information in a convenient human-readable form suitable for analytical work. BI is also a medium for mass work with such structured information. And another goal of BI is to process and interpret a large amount of data, allowing the user to quickly obtain the necessary information, focusing only on key analytical indicators. More information can be read at: https://etherzero.pro/news/etz-bi